About us

About us

Toddaly Messy’s founder Jenny Tran is a trained secondary school teacher, tutor and mum of two. She has worked in the teaching space for over 10 years and finds joy in creative pursuits.

In 2018, Jenny set up Toddaly Messy in Vermont South. Unable to find affordable, casual messy play sessions for her own children, she saw an opportunity run classes of her own for the local community. Jenny brings a wealth of educational experience and enthusiasm into her messy play sessions at Toddaly Messy.

From 2019 Toddaly Messy has been succeeded by Clare Gogerly who is a mother of a 4.5 year old, a diploma trained Early Childhood Educator, swimming teacher, hobbyist face painter, sparkle loving Unicorn.

Her passion is to educate mums on development of children and to give them ideas on what to do at home with their kids. Her aim in taking over Toddaly Messy is to include education as well as super fun messy play to your home, playgroup, mothers group, party or event.

She looks forward to meeting you all and having a great time getting messy!

Why messy play?

Stimulate the senses

Messy play encourages your child to use their senses, which in turn stimulates neural pathways. Such play is considered vital for early brain development because young children learn best using all senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing.

Develop motor skills

Messy play strengthens your child’s gross and fine motor skills. This strengthens the muscles in your child’s hands, which helps with important life skills such as pencil grips, writing and tying shoelaces in later childhood.

Help Inspire creativity

Messy play is a creative pursuit. Sessions inspire creativity through imaginative sensory play.

Encourage independence

Each activity offers hands-on, free play experiences, allowing your child the freedom to explore and create at their own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring

Just yourselves. All materials at Toddaly Messy play sessions are included. Children are encouraged to wear older clothes. Your session fee includes a smock to wear, but it is wise to bring a clean outfit to change in to at the end, just in case things really do get.. Toddaly Messy!


Safety first

All mediums used at Toddaly Messy are 100% safe. We use toxic free supplies for all messy play sessions.